San Francisco 1875

This perspective map gives a bird's-eye-view of the city and county San Francisco as it looked in 1875, including an active bay full of ships.

This canvas features white graphics based on the source map overlaid on a black background, stretched over a 1.25" thick solid wood frame.

Made to order (please allow 2-4 weeks)

Source Map

Graphic chart of the city and county of San Francisco

A snapshot of San Francisco and city at the surrounding areas from 1875.

While this map pre-dates many of San Francisco's iconic landmarks, like the golden gate bridge, it lends itself to a great game of "I Spy." There are 188 numbered points of interest and businesses of the day. The inset maps show the Town of Burlingame on the left and Oakland, Brooklyn and Alameda to the right.

There are a great variety of ships in the bay and at the various wharves, like the side-wheel steamboat Oakland Ferry (number 23).

Can you spot the hot air balloon floating in the sky?

Source Map

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