US Capitol Washington DC 1872

This panoramic map from 1872 features the US Capitol Building and views of Washington DC, looking to the north and east.

This canvas features white graphics based on the source map overlaid on a teal background, stretched over a 1.25" thick solid wood frame.

Made to order (please allow 2-4 weeks)

Source Map

Bird's-eye-view of Washington City, D.C.

This map shows a perspective view of Washington DC, featuring the US Capitol Building and views out towards the North and West.

There are sixteen numbered points of interest: the US Capitol, Arlington (Virginia), the Agricultural Department, the Smithsonian Institute, the Washington Monument, the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad, the Botanical Gardens, the Centre Market, the State Department, the Treasury Department, Georgetown College, the Post Office Department, the Patent and Land Office Department, Howard University, the Government Printing Office, and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

Can you spot the horse-drawn street cars on Independence Avenue to the left of the capitol building ?

Source Map

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